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How Do I Export Audio Files or PDFs on the Livescribe Desktop 1.6?

Exporting audio from the Windows Version of the Livescribe Desktop used to be a real hassle. You’d have to do a search for .aac files on your hard drive, then compare the size of the files to those on your Livescribe Desktop.

After that, you’d copy and paste them into a different  folder and finally rename them. And, even then, it would only be available in the .aac format. To make it an MP3 or something equivalent, you’d have to get a third party converter to convert it to the desired format.

But, not anymore! With the introduction of the WinLD 1.6, you can export the audio directly from your Livescribe Desktop. And, even better, it’s just as easy as on the Mac!

Export Audion from WinLD 1.6

Export Audion from WinLD 1.6

  1. In your session view, just select the session you want to export.
  2. Click on the ‘File’ menu option.
  3. Click on Export Audio
  4. Select between MP4 and .wav formats.

Easy, peasy. For PDFs, you used to have to upload your pages to the internet, and then save it as a PDF. Not anymore!

Export PDF on WinLD 1.6

Export PDF on WinLD 1.6

  1. Click on the page(s) you want to export, in the page view section of your Livescribe Desktop.
  2. Click on ‘File’ in the menu options.
  3. Select ‘Export Page(s) as PDF’.’
  4. Choose your destination and rename your PDF.

Is there anyway it can be easier?

This is an answer to many needs for a storage system, where you can access your information on certain clients, patients, or just projects you’re working on. At least, until Livescribe, Inc. has discovered how to set up an internal filing system.

Better than nothing, yanno? So, how do you plan on using these new features? Do you think they’re going to be helpful, or make the pen even more useful than it already is?


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